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June 2014
Forms Unfolding:
Dancing in the Emerald City
daCi USA's 5th National Gathering
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

July 2012
Dance, Young People and Change
daCi's 12th International Conference
Taipei, Taiwan

July 2011
Breaking Boundaries, Creating Connections
daCi USA's 4th National Gathering
Univeristy of North Texas
Denton, Texas

Hosted in Seattle, at the University of Washington,Forms Unfolding: Dancing in the Emerald City will bring together a multi-generational community of individuals, all of whom are interested in supporting opportunities for young people to experience dance as creators, performers, and observers.  This diverse community will collaborate to explore ideas connected with the conference theme – how movements can interweave and connect, evolve and shift, surprise and delight, through forms unfolding.

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dance and the Child International (daCi) and the World Dance Alliance (WDA) with host Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) School Of Dance welcomed delegates of all ages to the 2012 joint summit "Dance, Young People and Change" in Taipei, Taiwan

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Hosted by the UNT Department of Dance and Theatre, the four-day conference “Breaking Boundaries - Creating Connections” brought together multi-generational and multicultural groups to create, perform, teach and observe and share the dance. The conference attracted approximately 200 dance participants from across the country.

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Summer 2009
Cultures Flex:
Unearthing Expressions
of the Dancing Child
daCi's 11th International Conference
Kingstown, Jamaica

August 2008
daCi USA's 3rd Intergenerational Gathering
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah

Summer 2006
Colouring Senses,
Moving, Creating, Observing
Three Dimensions of the Dancing Child
daCi's 10th international conference
The Hague, Netherlands

daCi's Eleventh International Conference, in Kingston, Jamaica

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All in all, this Third Gathering was an outstanding event, filled with lots of dancing and all the learning, sharing, engagement, and enjoyment that comes from daCi's child friendly philosophies and objectives!

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Colouring Senses was a place where children and adults, experts and non-experts, artists and scientists, movers and observers, teachers, parents, policy makers and politics from all over the world met, utilized their senses, explored, expresses, perceived and exchanged information and found more new ways of colouring the world of the child through dance.

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Summer 2005
Out of Many - We are One
daCi USA's 2nd Intergenerational Gathering
In collaboration with Temple University Department of Dance
Philadelphia, PA

Summer 2003
Breaking Boundaries: Dances, Bodies and Multiculturalism
daCi's 9th International Conference
Salvador, Brazil

Summer 2001
Connecting, Collaborating, Creating:
Best Practices in Dance Education!
daCi USA's 1st Intergenerational Gathering
Amherst, MA

The United States Chapter of dance and the Child international (daCi) in collaboration with Temple University Department of Dance hosted its second Intergenerational Gathering at Temple University, June 23-27, 2005.   The gathering titled, "Out of Many, We are ONE," which is the translation of the phrase on all US coins, "E Pluribus Unum" featured daily classes for youth ages 8-18, who were divided into elementary, middle, and high school groups.   For the adults there were special sessions and/or they chose to observe the children.   A faculty of over 25 experienced dance educators from across the USA taught based upon the theme of oneself and others.  

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There were over one hundred participants from all over the United States, and some from Canada, ranging in age from six to ninety something. Creative dance and dance making workshops were offered for age similar groupings ranging from elementary to adult.  

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Take my Kids Where?!

While traveling with children may seem daunting, the benefits of travel to a daCi event are myriad.

  • Children have an important role in the proceedings. They learn new things from exciting, expert teachers.
  • Cultural dance forms, new techniques, and creative process sessions make for engaging learning experiences.
  • Children meet many other children who dance seriously, which can be an eye opener, and enhance their effort and commitment to your program.
  • Attending a conference builds bonds of friendship across geographic boundaries and within their own group.

An excerpt from the article "Take my Kids Where?!" by Jeanne Traxler (2004)

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Days of Dance

To promote dance for children and best practices in the teaching of dance to children across the United States, daCi USA encourages members to conduct a regional or statewide Day of Dance, for teaching and professional development.

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