History of daCi USA

Between the years 1980 to 1997, members of the international daCi organization were represented on the daCi Board by one person from the United States. National Representatives included Peggy Schwartz, Sue Stinson and Sara Lee Gibb. These women as well as Sheryl Shapiro and Maxine DeBruyn were instrumental in increasing the interest and membership in daCi, and assisted in the creation of the USA chapter.   The daCi USA chapter was founded in 1997, when American members elected a Board of Directors to govern an official chapter. A national constitution was made and ratified in April 1999. The daCi USA provides a network on the national level for daCi members in the United States.



daCi USA Board Member History

Board of Directors 2012 - 2015
Chair: Chris Roberts
Chair-Elect: Anna Mansbridge
Secretary: Judith Nelson
Treasurer: Kathleen Kingsley
National Representative: Mary Lynn Babcock
Past National Representative: Marilyn Berrett
Newsletter Editor: Lynnette Overby
Membership Relations: Madeline Cantor
Members at Large: Kathryn Austin, Amy Markgraf Jacobson, Rachel Kimball, Marlene Strang, Jeanne Traxler

Board of Directors 2009 - 2012
Chair: Joy Lurie Friedlander
Chair-Elect: Chris Roberts
Secretary: Judith Nelson
Treasurer: Janina Dobkowski
National Representative: Marilyn Berrett
Past National Representative: Jannas Zalesky
Newsletter Editor: Lynnette Overby
Members at Large: Kathryn Austin, Mary Lynn Babcock, Madeline Cantor, Amy Markgraf Jacobson, Kathleen Kingsley, Anna Mansbridge, Lisa Welsh

Board of Directors 2006 - 2009
Chair: Sam Baumgarten
Chair Elect: Joy Friedlander
USA National Representative: Jannas Zalesky
Past National Representative: Anne Green Gilbert
Secretary: Judith Nelson
Treasurer: Jeanne Traxler
Newsletter Liaison: Lynette Overby
Members at Large: Marilyn Berrett, Janina Dobkowski, Denise Rapp, Chris Roberts, Mary Lynn Smith

Board of Directors 2003 - 2006
Chair: Jannas Zalesky
Chair Elect: Sam Baumgarten
Newsletter Editor: Mila Parrish
USA National Representative: Anne Green Gilbert
Secretary: Margot Faught
Treasurer: Jeanne Traxler
Past USA Representative: Ranjanna Devi
Members At Large: Marilyn Berrett, Joy Friedlander, Eddie Bolton-Howard, Lynnette Overby, Denise Rapp, Becky Smith Slettum, Mary Lynn Smith, Jan Tremon-Jenkins

Board of Directors 2000 - 2003
Chair: Mary Ann Lee
Chair Elect / Newsletter Editor: Jannas Zalesky
USA National Representative: Ranjanna Devi
Secretary / Treasurer: Anne Green Gilbert
Past USA Representative: Maxine DeBruyn
Members At Large: Sam Baumgarten, Dawn Clark, Elayne Enyard, Joy Friedlander, Eddie Bolton-Howard, Karen Kaufman, Joni Urry Wilson

Board of Directors 1997-2000
Chair: Anne Green Gilbert
Chair Elect: Mary Ann Lee
USA National Representative: Maxine DeBruyn
Secretary: Joy Friedlander
Newsletter Editor: Jannas Zalesky
Past USA Representative: Sara lee Gibb
Members At Large: Ranjanna Devi, Dolores Plunk Smith, Theresa Purcell Cone, Eddie Bolton-Howard, Gene Leyden, Millicent Simmons, Joni Urry Wilson


History of daCi International



Dance and the Child International (daCi) is a nonprofit organization with the aim of promoting the growth and development of dance for children and young people on an international basis.

This association was founded in 1978 at an international conference held at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. The conference was initiated by Dr. Joyce Boorman and titled "Dance and the Child". The idea was supported and promoted by the National Dance Committee of the Canadian National Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. As a result of this successful conference Dance and the Child International was born. 

In 1979 the President of the Conseil International de la Danse (CID), UNESCO invited daCi to join. In 1980 daCi became a fully constituted branch of the CID organization.

daCi strives to promote all that can benefit dance and the child and young people, irrespective of race, color, sex, religion, national or social origin. The right of every child and young person to dance and the preservation of the cultural heritage of all forms of dance for children and young people are recognized. In creating opportunities for children and young people to experience dance as performers, creators and spectators, their views and interests are of primary importance. The inclusion of dance in general education and community programs, and the research into all aspects of dance for children and young people are encouraged.

National Representatives sit on the International Advisory Board, from which the Executive Committee is elected. It is the role of the Advisory Board and the Executive Committee to oversee the general operation and procedures of the organization and to maintain communication internationally. More and more countries have national chapters with committees and procedures and maintain programs, conferences and communication with national members.

The mission of daCi is to promote an international network facilitating the development of dance for children throughout the world.

More information about daCi International can be found here.


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