Connecting, Collaborating, Creating: Best Practices in Dance Education! (2001)

Attending daCi USA's 1st Intergenerational Gathering during the summer of 2001 were over one hundred participants from all over the United States, and some from Canada, ranging in age from six to ninety something. Creative dance and dance making workshops were offered for age similar groupings ranging from elementary to adult.  

Instructors were:
Elementary School Class: Sam Baumgarten, Joni Urry Wilson
Middle School Class: Pat Debenham, Mary Ann Lee
High School Class: Margot Faught, Roy Fialkow
Adult Class: Anne Green Gilbert, Dionne Kamara

All of the creative dance and dance making classes focused on using the basic elements of dance to explore the general conference theme of Connecting, Collaborating, Creating.   The dance making sessions were facilitated differently within each group but were all student driven and process based as the "product" took shape.   Adult participants were invited to either be part of the adult dance making class or to float in and out of the other classes to observe or experience the process of the other groups.

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